Award winning Performers. Prominent Reality Stars. World Class DJs.


Our Company

For more than two decades, Executive PR and Talent, LLC DBA The Benedetti Group has fostered lasting and enterprising relationships within the realm of entertainment and media business, serving as a talent agency, public relations consulting firm, and touring management company. Executive PR & Talent represents many emerging and well-loved figures, including ones from the areas of film, television, reality TV, music, dance, comedic arts, theatre, and live and variety entertainment. 

Our company offers services to talent and to those who seek to procure it. We work globally, specializing in music and arts festivals; major sporting events; concerts; corporate retreats, parties and conventions; charity events; award shows; private parties; and TV, film, and club appearances. With public relations efforts and partnerships that span the globe, our talent gains access to a vast array of promotional expertise to further their goals in product and artist branding, advertising, endorsements, publication in print media and consulting in the ever-trending facets of social media.


“a powerhouse firm representing the best in the world of dance music, gender-bending and other aspects of gay culture.”

- The Hollywood Reporter


Our Roster

Our roster prominently reflects both the talent we exclusively represent, and the talent we book regularly. But our roster is not limited by any number. Each day we work with a diverse lineup of acclaimed actors, widely-recognized reality stars, award-winning performers and musicians, world-class DJs, champions of sport, masters of live and variety performance, and hosts of other creative geniuses. Whether at the top of their game, or emerging on the scene, if they are talented, they are on our roster.


Our Reach

The Benedetti Group books and represents talent who work and are recognized in cities around the world. Our reach finds us booking variety performers for club appearances and special events in places like Europe, and Asia. It finds us booking DJs to cultural festivals and clubs in places like Canada and South America. It finds us booking musical acts on single or album release tours in Australia and the Pacific. And, it finds us booking dancers and theatre troupes on tours through major cities in each of the places mentioned. Our experience in dealing internationally gives us a firm foothold on which we stand and strive to meet the needs of our clients’ ever-changing and growing business.

The reach of our public relations partnerships is an asset for our clients, who have benefited from dynamic media campaigns, which have seen many we represent featured on/in: E!, Entertainment Tonight, Bravo, Insider, MTV, VH1, GQ, People Magazine & Southern Living, to name a few.